Animal Shelter

Animal Control Services of Meriwether County 

We do our best in protecting the citizens and animals of the county

We can't respond to calls within the city limits of Woodbury or Warm Springs, if you live within the city limits of Woodbury or Warm Springs please call your local police departments. Warm Springs Police Department can be contacted at (706) 655 3861 and the Woodbury Police Department can be contacted at (706) 553 2211. Also, those residing within the city limits of Manchester should call the Manchester Police Department at (706) 846 3155 in order to contact Danny Gibson who will respond to animal control issues within Manchester. 

We can loan traps for cats and dogs. We cannot set traps on a Friday. We handle cases involving dogs causing a public nuisance, running at large or a dog that has bitten someone.

If you have a problem with stray cats you can come to the shelter at 263 McLaughlin Rd. in Greenville Ga in order to pick up a cat trap. We do not provide transport for trapped cats but if you do catch one you may bring it to the shelter. 

If you have a problem with stray dogs you can call us at (706) 672 2966. We will add your complaint to the call system and work as quickly as we can to resolve your problem. 

If you own a dog that was impounded by Meriwether County Animal Control there are fees associated with reclaiming your animal. If it is the first time this animal has been impounded the fee is $25. The second offense is $50 and the third is $100. Along with this fee there is a $10 per day boarding fee charged per day the animal stays in the shelter. We suggest that if your dog is missing you should check with the shelters surrounding your area. Give a detailed description and picture of the animal if possible to make it easier for shelters and animal control to make contact in a timely manner. This reduces the fees that could possibly accrue. 

If you have a problem reguarding livestock or wildlife please call us and we will look into how to help you.

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Meriwether COunty Animal Control Ordinances

The following ordinances are what guide the actions of the meriwether aNIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS 

Follow this link, , and you will find the ordinances related to animals in the county.